Stern Connection

In thiss roleplay, Misha Cross angers her doctor employer, Nick Lang, when upon his return from a business trip he discovers that she has not kept his clinic in good shape. In fact, it is a terrible mess, a disgrace to the medical profession! The remedy is obvious: discipline! And Dr. Lang applies the punishment quickly, binding her wrists so that he can spank and flog her butt with no resistance. Cramming his cock in her mouth in this Full HD BDSM epic, he gets his inches wet so that he can more readily plow her shaved pussy in this program of extreme sex that quickly shifts to anal penetration as well. Kneeling on the cold clinic floor, her wrists still tied with leather straps, her anus gaping from Dr. Lang’s relentless butt-fuck, Misha gets the final lesson: a load of gizzum into her asshole, which leaks downward into her snatch too. Then the stern doctor leaves her naked on the floor to contemplate her errors of judgment, and how in the future she will avoid such mistakes - unless she wants another serving of such stern correction, such sexual chastisement!

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