Southern 18yr old rides the sybian

The Sexually Broken's Team Masters love to be first. In keeping with this tradition, they are offering not only the best and popular stars in porn, but they also offer the very freshest and newest of models and girls next door. They don't get any fresher then Mattie Borders. This girl couldn't wait until she turned 18 so she could get the proper dicking down that only Sexually Broken offers. She hunted Masters down and asked, no BEGGED, to work with them.

When 18 year olds beg for cock, who are they to say no? Masters have given her her first cock on camera, and now it is time for her very first sybian ride. The sybian is the world's most powerful vibrator. Strapped onto it, no one pussy stands a chance. The orgasms will be ripped out of them, over and over, and there isn't a thing they can do to stop it. The sybian is the atomic bomb of vibrators. Let's see how Mattie handles her first sybian ride, shall we?

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