Simone Straight Jacketed and Dicked Down

Simone Sonay is a real life swinger that craves the cock. She loves, no craves, the sensation of being overpowered and dicked down by some proper penis. Proper dicking down is just what Sexuallybroken provides. This hardbodied blonde is an out of control nymphomaniac. Around here we take out of control nymphomaniacs and stick them in straightjackets. Simone is going to get worked over by not one but two cocks today. Maybe, just maybe, the restraints and multiple dicks might satisfy this sex crazed swinger.

Securely bound in our well used straightjacket, blindfolded and chained to the legendary Sexualllybroken fuck bed with a ring gag jammed in her mouth hole, Simone is ready for the games to begin. And we are eager to play. The ring gag makes it impossible to close her face pussy. There is nothing she can do to stop the rock hard cock from fully sliding down and owning her throat meat.

After we tire of the ring gag, we rip it out so that we can better hear her moans and let the drool flow. Now it is time to pick up the pace. It is time for the 2 man tag team of ragdoll fucking that Sexuallybroken specializes in. Simone is in for the ride of her life. The straightjacket keep her confined and helpless, she is just a bag of holes for our use. And use we we do. Both ends melt under a flurry of cock. Never letting up, never giving her a chance to catch her breath. 10 inches of BBC slam home with a fury. Simone gasps and cums helplessly all over the dicks owning her holes.

Back and forth she is flipped, her makeup smearing, her hair wrecked. Drool coats the straightjacket. Her eyes are glazed and unfocused. She has cum so much she has become drunk. Blasting sluts into sexual subspace is the Sexuallybroken specialty. We leave her limp with her head hanging off over the bed, mouth hole open and panting. This one is a keeper.

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