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Model: Mia Rider

In this BDSM storyline, Mia Rider joins to a medical research program to help pay for her college tuition. But Mia not realizing that this research is of a sexual nature, and soon, she is locked inside a padded room and manhandled by a crazy doctor. He rips off her clothes, handcuffed her and fucks her mouth and pussy aggressively and then fucking her tight little asshole. The "research" programm continues and Mia Rider gagged and bound helplessly again, spread open with her big natural tits wrapped up tight and clamped. She gives in to the doctors relentless fucking of her ass and pussy and cums hard from the addition of a powerful vibrator. Then she is bound again in another position, where all her holes are worked over well with rough treatment. At the end of "research", Mia is flipped onto her back with arms tied under her breasts, lifting them up for a grand view as the doctor face fucks her reclined head and covers full her pretty face with his load...