Sexual Perfection

Today we get a fucktoy come to life that goes by the name of Summer Brielle. Tall and blonde with tits that just go not quit, Summer is the sort of fun that just does not ever end. We can not wait to play with this blow job lipped fucktoy as only Sexuallybroken can- an overload of massive squirting orgasms and inescapable bondage.

Bound on her back in a crucifixion pose that juts her huge tits up towards the ceiling, Summer’s head hangs over the edge of the bondage table. Her head is at the perfect angle for the face fucking she is about to receive. We bring not one but two dicks to the table today, Summer’s well trained throat deserves nothing less. She take every inch as we slam it home, moaning around cock.

The deepthroat is only the warm up and we unbelt her tanned thighs to get access to that shaved pussy. And then it is on. It is a brutal epic dicking down that blasts Summer into sexual subspace and she is soon squirting all over herself. She can not help herself, the dick and bondage is just that good. This living doll is the best toy you could ever hope for.

By the time we are done with her Summer’s cum is dripping off the table and she is squirming like a cat in heat. It doesn’t seem possible to actually break this one, but we sure had fun trying. Until next time my dear...

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