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Sexually Broken video "Sex superstar Skin Diamond" | BDSM Sex at MaleDom.Net Tube.

Sex superstar Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond is stunningly beautiful enough she could have been a full time model. Fortunately for us, she is a completely cock-addicted pervert that chose to do porn instead. This isn't just a job of her. Skin loves to push herself to her limits and see just how far she can wallow in the depths of utter depravity. She would be doing this sort of thing whether or not there was a camera around. Lucky for us we have cameras around to capture every minute.

For such a tiny little thing, Skin is a deepthroating champ. She craves the sensation of massive cock lodged as deeply as possible down her throat pussy. You don't get as good as Skin is without seriously dedicating yourself to your craft. Today we are going to reward that dedication. Bound and waiting on our well-used fuck bed, her mouth is open and eager. One after another the cocks walk up and slide right in. Skin is simply a cock sheath for our use. The neck rope she is wearing makes a convenient handle to pull her deeper onto our dicks and will come in handy later on.

What follows is a veritable onslaught of cock. Skin is ragdoll fucked all over the bed. Her bound body becomes a fucktoy with an opening on either end-nothing more. We are merciless. But the harder she is fucked and manhandled, the bigger the smile gets on Skin's face. This is the face of a cockslut in her element, doing what she was born to do. Faceslapping, deep dicking down, brutal deepthroating and all it does is make her grin. Skin isn't a girl that gets sexually broken easily, but it sure is fun trying. Today is a fuckfest even her experienced porn star ass will not be forgetting anytime soon. 10 inches of BBC fill her to the hilt, back and forth until she is cross-eyed and drooling helplessly.

When we have had our fill, it is time for the grand finale. Now is when that neck rope is going to get really interesting. Skin is hauled up to her knees and her neck rope is tied off to an overhead pulley . It isn't going to make her pass out, but it puts enough pressure that the orgasm she is about to have is going to be earth-shattering. Once she is secured, our trusty vibrator comes out to play. Skin's eager face shows that she knows exactly what is about to happen. Her orgasm is almost instantaneous and brutal in its ferocity, leaving her heaving and covered in a fine sheen of sweat. Her lean body sways slightly in the bondage and her vacant eyes show she has completely checked out. The light is on, but nobody is home. Sexuallybroken knows how to give even the most experienced of sluts the ride of their lives…

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