Patient Forced By Deviant Doc

Well, it's time for another episode in our continuing informal series of "Perverted Doctor" roleplays here at House of Taboo, this time starring Mugur in the medico role and Samantha Bentley as his hapless patient. While the physician makes some notes, the patient struggles in her straitjacket on the examining table, onto which she has been securely bound. And to think she came to this clinic of her own free will and agreed to this procedure! Perhaps she was raised with too reverent an attitude toward doctors, a habit in many families. Anyway, things get more intense when Dr. Mugur comes over to make his "examination", inspecting her tongue with his bare fingers--hey, Doc, whatever happened to the modern latex glove requirement? His zeal knows no bounds, as he does whatever it is he's trying to accomplish by spreading her mouth wide open with his fingers. Samantha is, shall we say, a little resistant to his invasive treatment, and he chastises her for this rebelliousness with his hand. Then he does more tongue testing with his relentless digits before loosening Miss Bentley's bonds on her bare feet, which get the patient kicking and writhing. However, even though she's now freed from her ankle restraints and sitting on a stool, Dr. Mugur still has the situation well in control as he feeds her his dick, causing drool to slide down from her lips. He gives her a lot of "therapy" with that prick of his, then lays her down again on the examining table with her head leaning backward over the edge, so that he can fill her face with his dick some more. Her face is littered with her own saliva as it gushes out of her mouth. But the treatment is not over...after all, no Perverted Doctor worth his diploma leaves any opportunity untried in his quest to do, shall we say, "inventive' things to his patient. After fucking her mouth some more simply with his dick, the horrifying healer fits her face with a special spreading device to guarantee that her mouth will be open just at the precise moment when he chooses to spray his seed, which nonetheless still lands more on her face than down her throat. We can only imagine what Dr. Mugur writes on Miss Bentley's insurance forms to justify this course of treatment...or maybe we can't.

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