Paige gets bound and drilled

Bent over and quieted down by housecall specialist Dr. Choky Ice, Paige Turnah is starting to wonder if next time she should research a doctor more thoroughly on the Internet before inviting him to come over and fix a thumb she banged with a hammer...well, that's water under the bridge now as Dr. Ice leans her over her own work bench and prescribes not a pill but a penis as the ultimate therapy for an injured hand. Yes, throating his tool and taking it so deep that her tongue sticks out underneath the shaft is definitely distracting her from the throbbing of her digit...but maybe not enough to satisfy the doctor's therapeutic imperatives, because he then switches procedural tactics and applies penis and tongue massage to her vagina from behind. Turning her around on what he now considers his "examining table", Dr. Ice crams her slit with repeated thrusts that make her forgot not only that she banged her hand with a hammer, but that she had any house repair skills at all! Yes, Dr. Ice specializes in "Tabula Rasa" or "Blank Slate" therapy, where heavy meat injections of penile tissue in tubesteak form into the vagina from multiple positions will wipe the female mind clean of the memories of stress induced by physical injury, which Paige experienced when she accidentally banged her thumb with the hammer. When she finally receives the application of the final healing component, Dr. Ice's Therapeutic Sperm Tonic, served up hot and thick right from his testicular fount, well, Paige knows she's truly on the road to some kind of recovery. But don't look for Dr. Ice's findings in a medical journal any time soon...

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