Leyla gets some stiff meat

David Perry runs a massage emporium, and in the previous installments of this sizzling series he discovers that his new masseuse Leyla Black has serious sexual hangups, leading to on-the-job sloth and goofing off. David recognizes the need to apply discipline, and having spanked and penetrated his inhibited employee in the previous portions of her emotionally and sexually therapeutic program, he now is going to acquaint her more fully with the potentialities of cock, which she has never quite understood. With the double dong still in her asshole, he shows her the remarkable elasticity of her mouth, which she learns can accommodate a number of fingers, and if she can take fingers, she can surely take his large dick. As he tweaks her nipples, he gets her to understand that it is no shame for a woman to beg for a man's meat, to need it even more furiously when it is temporarily withdrawn. He sees definite improvement in her psyche as her tongue laps at the air when he moves his shaft away briefly. Fucking her in her box next, he keeps a firm grip on Leyla, then stands her up to continue banging her butt from behind. Watching her suck the double dong, he sees her loosening up amazingly well. His shaft plunges relentlessly in her quim, and then he stuffs his thumb into her anus, which is already craving penetration after the departure of the double dong. With her wrists and ankles still bound, he gets her on the massage table in doggie style and plugs her fanny. With each thrust of his profoundly hard prick, more and more of her erotic hang-ups are released! She knows now she can be totally free with her body and it's okay! Her mouth craves his meat again and he fills her face with his fingers to tide her over until he can take his dick out of her ass and put it back in her face. Finally he stands over her. Into her mouth goes his meat! Yes, this is the freedom she has yearned for, to do absolutely everything she has dreamed about, masturbated about, and read about in the dirty books so openly popular now with modern women! "Use me, use me, use me!" her eyes silently implore as her mouth is filled with his inches, and then he finally and lovingly coats her cheek with his spunk. And thus has a session of Stern Employee Discipline let loose the invisible restraints that have held back Leyla from fulfilling her destiny as a skilled masseuse!

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