Learn Your Place Girl

In today’s roleplay, Tiffany Doll from France finds herself in quite a fix. Her boyfriend, played by Ben Kelly, is super-kinky and likes to keep her chained naked to a bed in his house and then torment her with a metal garden tool! She can’t really make any kind of clear protest because it’s hard to talk with a metal bit in her mouth! Well, she knows Ben is sexually adventurous and she wants to go along for the ride, but her natural feistiness comes out as he attempts to teach her what her place is in their relationship.

Ben presses the sharp points of the tool against her titties and ass, then gives her a break to get down on her knees and suck his cock. He’d rather not take the bit out of her mouth but then decides it’ll make for a better blowjob if he does. But then Tiffany gets defiant when her mouth is freed, so he holds her by her pigtail and gives that lush booty of hers a good spanking in this fetish XXX video!

Now that she’s chastised a little, it’s time for Tiffany to resume her duties as his cock sucking extreme sex slave. Down on the floor she goes as Ben gets naked to fuck her deeply in her ass and then have her suck his big dick some more. Then he stands over her and jacks off onto her body to teach her who is the master and who is the cum slut!

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