Latex Lucy Water Disciplined

You've heard of the famous Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"? Well, this scene is called "Lucy in the Water with Latex..." You see, Latex Lucy has been a very bad girl, and her masked master Kristien has to discipline her. But being accustomed to the most sophisticated methods of chastisement, Lucy usually cannot be corrected in the average way...for example, she needs more than a spanking or a scolding, which might do the trick for an ordinary naughty girl. Hence Kristien has driven her around, tied spread-eagled, in her latex bodysuit in the back of his pickup truck. She cannot escape...and she doesn't want to, because she knows that after she gets through the coming ordeal, she will be a better person. Lucy watches through the eyeholes of her mask as Kristien starts filling up the back of the truck with water from a garden hose. She feels the spray hitting her body through her corset and bodysuit, the feeling of captivity and the tightness of the confining latex making her mind zoom into another dimension altogether. The water jets out against her crotch and tits, encased in the snug further increase her punishment, Kristien presses his naked foot against her face, to remind Lucy that she is truly under his heel. He holds her head down to the flat of the truck by a firm hand while blasting the water on her pussy through the latex...and she feels totally at his mercy. He squeezes her tits through the latex with his hand, and then continues spraying the water into the back of the truck...and it fills up faster and faster, until Lucy is floating, bobbing on the surface! He controls her further with his foot against her neck...and it's clear from the expression in her eyes that she has well-learned her lesson to obey Master Kristien! And with ultimate kindness at the end, he concentrates the flow of the water directly onto her crotch until she explodes in an orgasm deep within the latex suit that encases her like a carnal cocoon!

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