Jynx Maze Suspended Upside Down

A little latina stunner Jynx Maze has a booming bootie and a super sensitive wet pussy. Her all natural curves are the type that inspires men. In this case, it inspires SexuallyBroken guys to tie her up and throat fuck her. They start off binding her strictly onto a bed, her legs spread wide and that overly sensitive pussy exposed and vulnerable. Once the vibrations start, Jynx is immediately begging for mercy. So early? Some girls hardly notice the hitachi vibrator. Some girls cunts are so sexually responsive that a hitachi vibe is a real torture device. Jynx Maze is of the later persuasion. Let's have some fun with that, shall we? It is all too much for Jynx, and she desperately tries to escape the stimulation, but the ropes keep her in place well. That wide-open mouth begging for relief inspires and guys from SexuallyBroken turn her throat into a cock sheath. Jynx Maze can't decide which one is harder to take, her pussy being vibrated mercilessly or a rock hard cock down the throat cutting off all air.

Jynx Maze might think that her tormentors are almost done with her, but she is sadly mistaken. Her bondage is quickly shifted and she suddenly finds herself hanging upside down with the vibrator jammed back into that responsive little slit of hers. Today might be the day she truly grasps the meaning of the term 'Sexually Broken'. Her wails just make jam the dick down her throat again. She sputters and gasps as she fights for air. Seeing those puffy nipples of hers begging for attention, the tormentors add some weights and then walk off leaving her dangling, weighted and vibrated. Today is a day which Jynx Maze won't be forgetting any time soon...

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