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"Holly Heart Gets Throat Trained" gallery

Model: Holly Heart

You do not get a special pass here just because you are a well-known BDSM MILF star. Tan, athletic big-titted Holly Heart was out of the game for a while, let's welcome back, reminding her exactly what she is good for: to suck cock, and SexuallyBroken's Masters Team want to throw at it.

The setup is simplicity itself, a wooden post and a set of shackles. Put your suck whore on her knees, lock it in shackles and use her mouth opening like a pussy. Repeat if necessary. What follows is an onslaught of cock. Holly Heart is bound and totally helpless. There's nothing she can do to avoid her tuition, and the school of cock-sucking is in session. Today SexuallyBroken present not one, but two cocks. The 10 inches of BBC (big black cock), Masters have to reshape the back of Holly's throat isn't the sort of dick to take lightly, and Masters have no mercy.

In some moments Holly is deconstructed by dick. Her eyes glaze over and drool spills down her hanging chin, coating her big tits. One by one, the dicks attack, not giving her a chance to get on top of it, not allowing her to breathe. Holly's big mouth hole is filled up to the hilt, and the limit of their capabilities. There is always another cock waiting for their turn to train, and there's nothing she can do to stop it.

Holly is reduced to a cock sheath, her face became pussy hole for Masters to fuck. She is taken to her training well, doing her best to place a massive meat wielding her airway. You can not bring in big boobs like this and I think that noone will ignore them, and some nipple clamps would remind her of her place. This athletic little MILF is now a moaning, trembling, drooling covered with pools of flesh and even can not remember her own name. This is what makes SexuallyBroken. BDSM School is in session!