Good cop, Bad Cop

Here the Sexually Broken have the Natassia Dreams (very sexy shemale model) paired up with Rain DeGrey (very sexy natural female slave model). Natassia is all woman with a big hard cock, Rain is tall, leggy and likes her throat fucked. Rain DegGrey is also a little pain slut so today's scene is a bit different then Sexually Broken's normal fare.

So lets get the WARNING out of the way first. This update has a very high pain level for our beautiful Rain. She likes to play hard and rough. Sexually Broken normally don't do a lot of pain play, but today is the exception.

Bound standing, stretched out, spread Rain is totally helpless. Her pussy and clit are still swollen from the previous BDSM shoot. Matt Williams walks in and start brings the pain. Natassia brings the love. It's classic "good cop bad cop" and it is intense! From heavy caning, flogging and slapping, to a brutal zipper. Rain takes it all and wants more.

We hike Rain's legs up and attach them to the bar, then release Rain's hands. In one fluid motion we have Rain in an inverted suspension wondering what the fuck just happened. The onslaught continues, the bad cop is ruthless. And Natassia big black cock (BBC) is fucking Rains open throat.

Sexually Broken make Rain cum while getting skull fucked into subspace. Again this is a very high intense BDSM scene not for the faint of heart! In the final, Rain is deep in air, drooling and staring off into nothingness. She has been completely Sexually Broken...

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