Girl next door Sexually destroyed by a Sybian

Alisha is now stuck, with no hope to wiggle or to move off of the world's most powerful vibrator. Impaled with a dildo up her wet pussy, a dildo that is slowly rotating against her 'G" spot to enhance the hell she is about to endure. Her knees don't even touch the ground so there is no way she can shift her weight away from the vibration, not even for a second. When this machine makes Alisha cum for the first time she is going to experience what being helpless really means.

We turn on the Sybian and the look of shock on Alisha's face is priceless. The look of realization that there is nothing she can do to stop it from making her cum.

It is so strong it will overcome her defenses quickly, and she is scared to death of coming that first time, because she knows how sensitive she gets and she is dreading it.

We tease her at first, making it even worse. She goes from not wanting to cum, to begging to cum. Bound sluts are so easy sometimes, especially when a hard cock is fucking the back of their throats while being vibrated. It seems the struggle for air makes girls come faster and harder.

Alisha's first orgasm hits hard. The cock is buried all the way down her throat when she cums. She screams but the cock muffles it down to a guttural, primeval grunt. Alisha convulses and gets blasted off the cock in one massive orgasm! This is the point that Alisha would be so violent she could move the vibrator off of her clit. Not this time, and the screams that follow are stunning. She fights with everything she has but the vibrator doesn't care, it's a machine and a machine does not understand the concepts of mercy or compassion. Her mind is being shredded, the vibration won't stop and another orgasms hits. She is not ready for it, and then another and then another. Alisha has never experienced anything like this before and we feel so bad that we jam our cock harder and deeper down her tiny throat. Now Alisha is simply overloaded, it is too much but we don't let up and her cumming continues.

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