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Once again, Daphnee Lecerf enacts the role of an ultra-kinky chick with a medical fetish. If Mugur, in the role of her boyfriend who works at DDF Genital Hospital, was constantly amazed by her desires last week--like her bizarre pleasure in a milk enema--this week he is required to satisfy the babe's desires for hot cock delivered relentlessly into her mouth even as her eyes are still blindfolded. Holding her hair or her arms up, he fucks her face both when she's laying across the examining table and when she's down on her knees on the black-and-white tile floor. Then while holding her leash, he bends her over the table and fucks her butt. She craves his cock in her face some more, though, and soon he's laying back on the table himself as she kneels between his legs to absorb his inches into her hungry lips. He soon bangs her booty again, both doggie style and with her sitting on his meat, and we see the serious anal gape he gives her. He sits her down on the chair and fucks her face some more, then lays her back on the table for a heavy duty climactic round of butt fucking that leaves her asshole literally drenched in his gigantic load of cum. But Daphnee is not finished with her boy-toy, she has more needs he must meet. With his cum glistening like a lake on her rosebud, he inserts a red plug into her rear! Then she sucks his cock some more, and it's finally time to take the blindfold off. She kneels in front of him on the floor, blowing his tool, with the butt plug still firmly ensconced in her anus. Taking her by the leash, Mugur puts her back in the examining room cabinet to sleep overnight, but then Daphnee does the dirtiest thing of all when he's gone--she takes the buttplug out of her nasty creamed ass, and licks it clean! In her solitude, she can now savor and relive her adventure as the ultra-uninhibited sex slave of her boyfriend!

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