Brunette locked and brutally assfucked

Amy Faye is cute as a button and just getting started in the industry. What she might lack in experience she more then makes up for in enthusiasm. She has come here today to see exactly what Sexuallybroken has to offer and get properly dicked down as only we can. Today is her lucky day.

We don’t want her face, we don’t need her mouth. The only thing we are interested in is that ass and pussy. We depersonalize her by bolting her into two wooden boxed on a stand set up at the perfect fucking height. Thick leather belts keep her legs and ankles bound together and properly expose that bubble butt. Amy has been reduced to a set of holes. We walk up and use those holes as we see fit.

One after another the big dicks plunge into her ass or pussy, sliding home balls deep. She is warm and wet and willing. The muffling gurgles coming from the box attest to her appreciation to being used like a humping post. She cums hard, gratefully on the dick. The tight wooden box keeps her firmly in place. She can not escape the dick. Her only choice to to take the brutal anal fucking we are dishing out.

It is a hard and merciless pounding. Amy is limp and drained, held up only by the belts and box. 10 inches of BBC have reshaped her ass and pussy to be custom fitted. This newbie was a fine set of holes indeed, we will have to have her back for another round sometime soon...

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