Bound Before Him

In today’s roleplay, Chelsey Lanette finds herself in a man’s kitchen...but not cooking! Instead, this new fellow she’s met is interested in stirring up something hot her snatch and butt, which he knows both crave kinky pleasures!

Bound with handcuffs on her wrists and her ankles, this Dutch babe lays naked on the glass table as he probes her shaved pussy in the starkly lit room...curling her toes as she gets off on the penetrating invasion of her hole!

He’s not satisfying plumbing her snatch, of course...he makes sure her mouth is filled with a dildo, and then he crams her asshole! She’s not going anywhere...bound before him, she hungers for these humiliating insertions...

He links her wrist and ankle cuffs with a chain for yet another round of intimate invasion as he turns her over on the table and fucks her ass with the toy some more...then abandons her in the kitchen alone, to think about her endless thirst for pervy antics as displayed in this Full HD BDSM video!

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