Bella Rossi bound in classic 'fuck me' position

Beautiful Bella Rossi is all boobs and butt. Her curves are of the sort that make us want to stuff her full of the cock. And that is exactly what we plan on doing today. Bound on her back on a table set at the perfect fucking and sucking height with her legs up in the air, Bella is the true definition of helpless. Both ends are exposed and wide open to the dicking down that is coming her way.

Jack steps up and quickly slides his massive meat home to the hilt. So begins the merciless sexual breakdown that is going to turn Bella into an undone puddle of well fucked flesh. After a few stokes we add another dick to the mix. Bella is Chinese finger trapped as both of the cocks attempt to meet in the middle and shake hands. It is a complete overwhelming of the senses to be stuffed full from either end. We swap back and forth, using whichever side we feel like. Bella can't move to escape the sensations and must endure every inch of dick thrown her way.

When she opens her mouth hole to gasp, we respond by shoving more cock down her face. The effects are undeniable as Bella as checks out into sexual subspace. A vibrator is added to the party and wrings orgasm after orgasm out of her worked over pussy as gurgling noises leak out around the dick down her mouth. Jack seals up her noisy face with a firm hand and continues pounding away, reshaping Bella's insides to a perfect sheath for his BBC.

Once her pussy is properly tenderized, we fingerblast one last gushing orgasm out of Bella and lay into her throbbing overly sensitive cunt with the vibrator as she moans helplessly. She is limp and used, wallowing in a puddle of her own juices. She can hardly even recall how to breathe properly. You can't show up with curves like that and think you aren't going to get fucked into next week. Always a pleasure Bella, bring a towel next time. You will need it.

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