"20 yr Old Fails The Takedown Challenge" gallery

Model: Miya Stone

Miya came to the armory for her FIRST GANGBANG EVER. She had never taken a DP, and told us that she only does anal on camera. Why? Because our guys know how to do it. Now this selfish little whore wants five of them all to herself! Miya is the perfect girl to bet against, and bet we did! We offered her ten grand if she could escape. Not a bad days work, but we could see in her greedy eyes that no matter how much money we offered her, she wasn't going to give up all that dick. This girl isn't playing to win. It's written all over her slut face. She's not old enough to drink, but she can take five cocks in a dungeon! God bless America! Corporal, Choking, Throat Fucking, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Anal, DP, & Bukkake!