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"Two girls in double trouble" gallery from Sexually Broken.
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"Two girls in double trouble" gallery

Model: Nikki Darling

One slave is fun, but two slaves are always better then one. Today the SexuallyBroken presents two of the freshest sluts around. Nikki Darling is a well trained dancer and her lean, toned body makes every men want to drill her down in all of her holes. But her firm dancer's body means nothing here, she is just another slaveslut for SexuallyBroken's Masters to use as they see fit. Let's see just how well this one can take the cock.

Evidently Nikki Darling has been studying more then just dance at college, as she takes the cock like a season vet. First, her hands was bound behind her so that she can't struggle or push away. All she can do is open her mouth and do what she was born to do. Master have to give her a credit, she makes the effort. Such effort should be rewarded.

Soon, Nikki is thrown face down, ass up over a stool and drilled down within an inch of her life. There is nothing she can do to stop it, all she can do is submit. Quickly flipping Nikki around and tying her down reduces her to a two-ended fucktoy. The only thing that Master have to worry about is which end he want to put his dick into first. A relentless flurry of cock and vibrator ensues, leaving poor little dancer gasping helplessly as orgasm after orgasm is ripped out of her.

Nikki thinked that this bondage sex nightmare orgy will over soon, but this session is just getting started. Master brings a second slut to the scene, a fuck toy slut called Mattie Borders that he like to store hanging upside down from the ceiling. While Nikki lies drained and moaning, he walk over and lower down the other fucktoy. Mattie's bound hands make her just a pretty upside down mouth with pigtails. Master knows what to do with mouths around here. Both slaves are brutally skullfucked back and forth, their warm wet mouth holes used just like pussies. Their captor likes the toys best that play well with others, and using a length of rope for tie Mattie's mouth pussy directly onto Nikki's pussy...