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"His Power Over Her" gallery from House of Taboo.
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173 FREE picture and video galleries from House of Taboo at MaleDom.Net. House of Taboo brings together all sections related to the taboo side of erotica. The world's most beautiful adult models spanked, bound and fucked - sometimes all at the same time!

"His Power Over Her" gallery

In this BDSM fantasy, Victoria Daniels lays naked and bound with rubber restraints on her wrists, ankles, and thighs on a bed in a starkly lit room. Suddenly an unidentified man comes into the room to play with her intimate parts.

He probes her pussy with a vibrator, and then her asshole. He gets her up on her knees with her lush butt in the air so that he can stuff the toy into her anus while shifting the attentions of his fingers to her shaved pussy. She is totally at the mercy of his whims.

With his hands, the veins of which are highlighted by the light, he probes her vagina and keeps fucking her with the toy in this Full HD BDSM video.

When he’s done playing with her, he sticks the toy in her mouth as a final display of his complete power over her body...her orifices...and perhaps, her destiny!