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Sexually Broken video "Girl next door fucked without mercy" | BDSM Sex at MaleDom.Net Tube.

Girl next door fucked without mercy

Fresh faced newbie Paisley Parker is 18 years old and just getting started. What better place for this all natural girl next door to get started then at Sexuallybroken? Consider today a rite of passage. If this starlet can get though today, everything else will be a walk in the park. This is porn star throat training at its finest.

Our eighteen year old is bound down with belts on her knees with her arms cranked up over her head with her mouth hole at perfect fucking height. A vibrator is bolted down between her cranked open legs. A blindfold is the finishing touch. The blindfold cuts off all vision, reducing Paisley’s world to pure sensation. Time for some Sexuallybroken throat training my dear.

One after another, two rock hard cocks walk right up to that face pussy and make full use of it. Paisley is given no time to get on top of it, no time to adapt. This is her new world, she might as well get used to get. Her mouth is made for fucking. The drool pours out and she gags delightfully as the huge cock tattoos its initials on her tonsils. We rip off the blindfold so that we can see those big eyes watering and continue the training.

All the while, the vibrator is ripping multiple orgasms out of her bound pussy. It is a very hard multi task in this situation. We don’t care. Poor Paisley must try and suck dick as orgasm after orgasm washes over her body. By the time we are done, our starlet is a twitching puddle of flesh. This was a trial by fire. After surviving us, she is now ready for other sites. Go forth and porn Paisley Parker!

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