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"Enslaved Youth" gallery from SubSpaceLand.

"Enslaved Youth" gallery

Model: Tina Hot

Stunning submissive Tina Hot! It's an art and pleasure to punish her. She does not need gentleness and soft kisses, instead she craves bondage and intense sensations. Tied up, her body starts experiencing pain and she feels helpless not knowing what's going to happen? She gets involved in a kinky slavery game, where her delightful body will be bound and spanked hard. She screams when the harsh slaps touch her ass and she doesn’t like the whip on her soft body and cute face. But this only increases her appetite for more bdsm sensations.What about some hot wax dripping on her slender body, I think pussy is better served with hot wax!Master leaves her in a tremendously uncomfortable position unable to move at all, suffering. He looks on at her sexy body quivering from the hot wax, and smiles. She is a good, obedient girl who embraced her fate as a slave girl and plays along to enjoy the hidden pleasure! Thanking him for his kindness, asking him to cum, begging to serve him, these are the signs of a polite and obedient slave.