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Sexually Broken video "Big titted blonde ziptied onto a sybian" | BDSM Sex at MaleDom.Net Tube.

Big titted blonde ziptied onto a sybian

Leya Falcon is the perfect California girl. Blonde, tan, busty and a great love of worshipping the dick. She has been in the industry for a bit and probably thinks she has seen it all. She probably thinks that today is going to be a typical day. She is wrong. Today she gets Sexuallybroken.

Harsh black zipties lash this busty blonde to a metal frame. They cut into her skin and prevent her from doing so much as wiggle. All she can do is open up her mouth hole and take the dick. A sybian, the world’s most powerful vibrator is, between her tanned thighs. The finishing touch is the baby oil to highlight her curves. This fuckslut is ready for a test drive. Can she suck dick and cum at the same time? Let’s find out! For science.

The cock hits the back of her throat and it is utter destruction from the word go. Her makeup is ruined, drool pours out of that well trained mouth and her oiled breasts are heaving with each quick gasp of precious air. That heavy porn star makeup? Gone. It ran into dick. When makeup runs into dick, dick always wins. Now she looks like a cock sucking raccoon. It is a good look on her, honestly.

All the while, the sybian is working its magic on that tender cunt. Leya cums hard, over and over, barely able to notice what is happening as the hard dick throatboards her into next week. She is loopy and gurgling, makeup destroyed, covered in her own juices and sitting in a puddle. When we have had our fill of that face pussy we walk away, leaving her lashed to the frame, too dazed to even twitch. Today was not an ordinary day, was it my dear? Welcome to Sexuallybroken...

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