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Sexually Broken video "Audrey Rose's last published scene" | BDSM Sex at MaleDom.Net Tube.

Audrey Rose's last published scene

This is the last shoot of Audrey Rose. This will be the last new porn from Audrey Rose you will ever see. The final update from this beautiful, talented BDSM model. She leaved to the vanilla world now, putting her education to good use in the 9-5 world. :(

SexuallyBroken place Audrey in some tough Sadist Rope bondage. Elbows bound, strappado'd with a hair tie. Her huge mouth held open with a metal ring gag. Audrey is on her knees at the perfect height for a serious throat fucking. Her big tits are cruelly tied, her engorged nipples threatening to explode from how tight her tits are bound, the pressure making Audrey wince every time when touch them. The first cock slides past her open mouth and hits the back of her throat, all air is cut off. Let the session begin!

Audrey Rose is run through a sexual gauntlet. Her pretty face is fucked and fucked deep, massive black cock reduces Audrey to a spit filled mess. SexuallyBroken's Masters force her play with cock from behind as they fuck her mouth hole with reckless abandon. They push hard cock after hard cock balls deep down Audrey defenseless throat. They turn her mouth into a pussy and fuck it wet. Soon deep throat spit is drooling from her open mouth. The Masters use that spit as lube, when they bring her to her feet and fuck her from both directions at the same time.

Masters overload Audrey with cock, pain and vibrators. The bondage is brutal and extreme as always, the cocks once again leave devastation in their wake. In the end, the Masters have Audrey Rose against a beam strappado'd with her head upside down with the perfect view of 10-inch black cock pounding her her wet, shaved, helpless pussy. Audrey is fucked to several eyes-rolling-into-the-back-of-her-head orgasms. For the finale the vibrator makes Audrey scream, cum and beg. Her pussy is so sensitive, each orgasm taken from her is brutal, she begs and cries for Masters to stop making her cum. But they do, they do...

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