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Sexually Broken video "Anikka Albright plowed from both ends" | BDSM Sex at MaleDom.Net Tube.

Anikka Albright plowed from both ends

Anikka Albright looks like a barbie doll. Perfect blonde hair, tan and lean, she is the ultimate fuck toy. This was a girl built for dick. We like taking barbie dolls and using them for exactly what they are designed for. This perfectly put together suck slut is going to get played with, Sexuallybroken style. Those looks are not going to last long after being introduced to the dick.

The set up is beautiful in its simplicity. A custom made wooden pillar at the perfect fuck me height. Some shackles, a slut, some leather belts, and the game is on. Her neck is affixed to the pillar, making her unable to move her head away. Anikka is completely immobilized, her facepussy ready and waiting. Her holes are ripe for retraining. Lucky for her, retraining holes is what SexuallyBroken does best.

A blindfold takes away her vision. Anyone could walk right up and use that mouth, and we do just that. One after another the rock hard cocks right up and plunge into to the hilt, turning her face into a fuck sheath. Credit where credit is due, Anikka brings some serious deep throat skills to the table. 10 inches of BBC vanish down her mouth like a magic trick. She goes all the way, taking it to nose on the belly.

Shifting the bondage, we unbelt her legs and then bend our fuckslut over the pillar. Now both ends are there for the using. She gets sandwiched, stuffed full from both ends. The cocks drill relentlessly, completely breaking her down. Her hair and makeup are destroyed, drool flows out of her well used mouth hole. The only thing keep her on her unsteady bambi legs are the shackles and the wooden pillar she is draped over. She is glassy eyed and checked out. Slut training is complete!

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